Influencer /Affiliate Program

About the Program



We found that gifting 50% of the retail price of our Global Girl Life Culture Box™️ Subscription for one month including FREE Shipping in the continental United States is the best way for you to enjoy the handmade treasures of the Global Girl Life Artisans and show your enthusiasm to help bring these talented women out of poverty. (This cost pays the artisans for their products with a fair profit.)



We also recognize that you too are most likely a female entrepreneur getting started!  So I would personally like to encourage you by reimbursing you for the other 50% of the cost of the Global Girl Life Culture Box™️ Subscription, (Giving you a FULL REIMBURSEMENT) after the first purchase from any member of your tribe. BONUS! When any second purchase is made,  you become an OFFICIAL GLOBAL GIRL AFFILIATE! The Affiliate status will earn you money!! You get paid with every subscription plus awesome bonus items at each level!!


How It Works


We want you to be a success so we want to BRAND you as you help Global Girl Life - it is all about reciprocation! We will assign YOUR BRAND an authentic code to share with your users for a special discount and tracking. Then assign you a separate influencer purchase code for your followers to use at checkout in the Global Girl Culture Shop.


You use your code online to purchase a Month-to-Month Global Girl Life Culture Box™️ Subscription that doesn’t automatically renew- unless you want it to (If you do- you get a serious discount!). The influencer code for you will be for 50% off any merchandise in the shop plus Free shipping after the application approval.

The program reimburses you the other 50% of the cost of the box after the first subscription when your tribe discount code is used and the sale is complete.


If this sounds like something you’re interested in, please let me know and we can start the short process to get you up and running and your first box shipped out before the 4th of the month! All applications submitted after this date will be applied to the following month.

Global Girl Life Influencer &
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