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GLOBAL GIRL LIFE takes pride in exercising a holistic approach to empowering artisans around the globe through culturally responsible and economically sustainable fair trade practices. Fairtrade gives international artisans a purpose and identity.


Iftekhar is a 45-year-old bone carver from India.
For over 14 years, Iftekhar has been handcrafting beautiful intricate home decor and jewelry pieces from bone procured from naturally-deceased animals.

Fairtrade is about empowerment, not charity.

It is our mission to work with more fair trade suppliers and when possible work one-on-one with the artisans. We help the artisans understand more about the process of bringing the products to market and communicate with them about what shoppers want, so they can make a great product at a good value in order to sustain their business.

In the future, we hope to help the artisans become self-sustainable all year, so they don’t have to rely on the influx of tourism. Shop today and stay up to date about all the artisans, initiatives, and product availability from our collections.