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Meet the family🇪🇨  

When I met Jack and Kyle over two years ago, we connected on the deepest level. Our compassion and service to others was our main priority and everything else was secondary. Our paths were not so different - they started out with a table at a flea market and I did as well.


How we each ended up at our starting point differs a lot! Jack and Kyle worked waiting tables at a local Nashville bar (one that my parents used to frequent!) to get enough money to go to South America for their first buy. I started Global Girl to do the same thing. Now, I have a small business consulting firm that helps fund my missions and a retail shop that supports the artist.

Our Mission 🇪🇨  

Our mission is to work together supporting artisans by telling their stories, selling their creations and having the customer cherish the love that was put into the creation. 


Today we are looking at how we can effectively continue to support the artisans with all of the new changes. Jack and Kyle as well as their daughter, Gabriela, have helped to build the communities they buy from and now we need to jump in and help support this mission to stay true to fair trade and our friends. 

Scarlett Begonia was founded in 1981 by Jack and Kyle Elias.

After marrying in 1976, they lived and traveled in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia. Inspired by their love of South America and its native cultures, they began to dream of opening a shop. On October 1, 1981, their dream came true when they opened Scarlett Begonia at 2805 West End Avenue in Nashville, Tennessee. Their original objective was to provide an outlet for struggling artisans from around the world and expose native cultures through their folk art and clothing with fair trade as a basis for all their business dealings.


Recently, an unlikely turn of events resulted in Jack, Kyle, and their daughter, Gabriela, being removed from the Nashville store that has been their livelihood and labor of love for nearly four decades. The store no longer plans to support the artisans from around the world who have counted on this business for all those years. However, a passion as strong as theirs doesn't give up easily, and they have found new ways to work with the indigenous artists they love so much. Exciting plans are already being made to partner with Global Girl Life. The hope is that the experience and connections provided by Jack, Kyle, and their daughter, Gabriela, combined with Shannon's energy and dedication to fair trade, the dream can be kept alive.


We want to fund the next buying trip and you can help by purchasing from Global Girl Life Shop and making a contribution with jewelry requests and paid in advance purchases, or simply donating to help support the families in the interim.


We’ll use all funds to purchase as many goodies as possible and have a

Private Group Pop-Up shop just for you when we return! 

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