Global Girl Life Education Program - Roatan, Honduras

Coxen Hole, Roatan, Island, Honduras is a low-income tourist destination where the resident’s sole survival depends on foot-traffic to the port location during high season. The population is rising and as a developing country and community, there are many socio-economic issues of which are negatively affecting the literacy rate, addiction rate and survival rate of the local islanders. 

It is the intention of Global Girl LIfe and Global Girl LIfe Shop to partner with domestic partners in the US that can help transform the community to put them in a situation where they can survive independently from come and go ministries and in turn form a holistic ministry where we work to help them become self-supportive, help their children get an education and reduce the addiction rate. 
I have currently established friendships and partnerships in the local church, the artisan community, local school, and the only drug rehabilitation center on the island. We need your help to continue our mission to help them form processes that become sustainable and prosper even when tourism is not present. 

On the front line, the biggest way you can help is to contribute to the Global Girl Life Education Program where we raise funds and provide uniforms, school supplies and hope to as many students as we can each year. In Roatan, Without a uniform, the student is on the streets every day susceptible to drugs and survival challenges of the streets. 


  • Our Overall Financial Goal for 2020 - $50,000 - Fundraiser for $20k by July 15th

  • Provide Full-Year Scholarships for 200 students @$65 each per year. Raise $13,000. Other Program Costs available shortly. 

  • Gather Volunteers to come to Roatan for Distribution - 3rd week of January. 

  • Gather additional school supplies (list provided) in the US  for 200 students and ship to Roatan prior to arrival. 

  • Fund new division of the rehab center for the children of the addicts to get ministered and use as safe learning space after school. 

  • Provide technology equipment and internet connection for online learning stations via Shannon Rizzo Consulting for the artisan and business owners. 





  • Room and Board - $45-65 a night per room. Luxury $65-85  per night.                  (Pirate’sDen/ Sandy Bay and Mahogany Bay, Need Airbnb Quote - I have a contact)

  • Flights $850=$1200 per person  (United Airlines, Delta - Direct Flights)

  • Food $15 - 35 / days depending on locations - fresh local seafood

  • Car Rental - $19-60 / day (Have a national and local contact) 

  • Excursions/ Activities - TBD (Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, 4 Wheelers, Charity and feeding homeless, etc. 

  • Sunday school with kids




  • The first learning experience and introduction to the locals. Assisted artisans and developed new jewelry lines. Purchased $500 from locals imported and sold. Lay of the land and environment. 

  • Helped remove one kid from the streets for a few months 

  • Helped Feed the Homeless for a day

  • Helped contribute to the Rehab $150 


  • Raised money for 43 kids to attend school for one year. The GGL 2021 collab partner raised enough for 120 kids. We put 163 kids into school this year. 

  • Contributed $8500 to the local economy outside of uniform purchases bought locally. 

  • Made more connections and friendships

  • Taught 2 new trades to new artisans and helped improve the creative and design skills for the store - Made in Roatan


5 Year Plan
The goal is to replicate this model in small identified villages of the current GGL artisans in Quito, Ecuador and New Delhi, India. 
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