Relationships Change the World

How do you build partnerships around the world?

It depends on where I am and how I meet someone.  I met a young woman who lives in China on Facebook.  When I traveled there last year, we met in person and found we had a lot in common.  We collaborated on a business deal after that and I was able to bring some jewelry to my Global Girls because of it.  More recently, a mutual friend introduced me to a wonderful woman in Texas. Not only is she helping design and make an exclusive Global Girl Life jewelry line, but part of the purchase of each piece goes to a non-profit called Made in Roatán. That’s Roatán, Honduras and the money goes directly from Global Girl Life and Love Child Brand to the program so that students can go to school.

How will that work?

We’ve already started collaborating on the jewelry designs.  Much of it will actually be made in Honduras by women who are trying to provide for their families and send their children to school.  What I’ve learned is that in Honduras, the students must have their own supplies and uniforms before they can go to school. This jewelry line is going to make that possible for as many students as possible.  I’m going to offer it exclusively to my subscribers and the proceeds are going to the Made in Roatán Project. In the meantime, as Love Child Brand makes the jewelry in Texas it will support the fund until I can meet the artisans.


Will you be hands-on with the project?

Absolutely.  I’m already planning a trip to Honduras in April to meet the women and who will be working with me and the children who will benefit from the Global Girl Lifeline.  After April they will start making all of the items for the Roatán Global Girl Life Education Project.


Are there other ways to get involved with this project?

Of course!  Any donations will go directly to the project (within a few days!) and immediately help a family start to become self-sufficient.