Cloud 9 Necklace 


When your life becomes so aligned with your state of bliss, you can’t help but feel you’re living in a dream. But just because you are experiencing a dream-like life mode doesn’t mean your head is in the clouds! When you feel this state of extreme happiness and gratitude for what life has presented you, you’re on Cloud 9! 


This gorgeous crisp blue and white swirled drop earrings and necklace set will have you jumping for joy, high-fiving everyone you come across-- because you are just THAT GOSH DARN HAPPY!


Inspired by MOTHER EARTH

Wood pieces, self-care and spiritual healing, interconnectedness, connecting with mother earth, back to nature, honoring the seasons, our precious surrounding environment, the waxing and waning of life, embracing all parts of the feminine energy, and unapologetically representing the goddess within.


The Mother Earth Collection is Handmade in India by Artisans: Jamal, Miskeen and Narjeen with Wood and Resin and other Natural Materials.


Cloud 9 Necklace

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