Full Spectrum Earrings


Keep all your chakras balanced with multiple pairs of these full spectrum of chakra colors. Full Spectrum earrings come in a variety of boldly colorful combinations to suit any wardrobe.


Country: Ecuador

Artisans: Nancy and Carlos

Materials: Tagua, Coconut, Leather, Acai Berries


Chakra and meditation inspired-- bright, bold, and vividly colorful pieces to help you stay centered, balance your energy, and promote inner peace. 


Balance is a lifestyle, it is not only something to achieve.


All pieces are made of Tagua, small coconut shell, acai berry, and brass beads with silver or hypoallergenic metals. 


Available in an array of wonderfully vivid colors: 

Rojo (ROOT)

Papaya (SACRAL)


Verde (HEART)

Turoleza (THROAT)


Violeta (CROWN)

Full Spectrum Earrings