Chakra and meditation inspired-- bright, bold, and vividly colorful pieces to help you stay centered, balance your energy, and promote inner peace. These pieces have lava stones on them and can be used with essential oils that we sell in our shop. 


Bracelets and Necklaces by Ruthie are made with leather and natural polished stones. 



Ruthie Teague, Tennessee, USA

Ruthie spends her time and energy designing and bringing her jewelry creations to life. They are so full of love and positive energy that you will surely feel the transfer as soon as you put it on. She is also an abstract painter!


These activities bring out the bohemian side of her personality & so she has named these artful products - Hippie Chic Creations. 

"My desire is to produce quality products at affordable prices because I believe art is best when it is shared with others. In designing my jewelry I use all-natural products."

With love and energy,



Available in an array of wonderfully vivid colors and all-natural stones: 


Purple: Amethyst  & Purple Agate

Dark Blue: Dark blue Quartz,  Dark blue Jasper, Dark blue Jade

Aqua/Turquoise: Turquoise Agate

Green: Muted Lime-Green Jade, Aventurine

Yellow: Yellow Quartz, Yellow Agate, Tiger Eye

Orange: Carnelian

Red: Red Jade

Lava Rocks - Charlcoal in color, a porous mineral, for use with essential oils


"Ruthie" Chakra Wrap Bracelet & Necklace

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