The Siren Necklace


The Siren has the gift of voice. As women, we are natural communicators often born with the gift of gab. 


The role of the Siren is associated with hidden knowledge, much like the seductive mystery of the sea. The ocean is alluring, and if you listen carefully she will speak to you through the howl of the wind, the crashing of the waves, songs of birds overhead, and the humming of seashells in your ear. 


This mesmerizing aquamarine-colored necklace can be worn with the reminder to never forget the power of your voice. Whether standing up for yourself and your beliefs or doing the same for others, The Siren represents that rocking the boat does not always lead to destruction. Sometimes it leads to an awakening.


Inspired by MOTHER EARTH

Wood pieces, self-care and spiritual healing, interconnectedness, connecting with mother earth, back to nature, honoring the seasons, our precious surrounding environment, the waxing and waning of life, embracing all parts of the feminine energy, and unapologetically representing the goddess within.


The Mother Earth Collection is Handmade in India by Artisans: Jamal, Miskeen and Narjeen with Wood and Resin and other Natural Materials.


The Siren Necklace