Triple Goddess Necklace


The Triple Goddess is represented by all of nature in balanced harmony. She is Mother Earth. She is the Maiden. And she is the wise sage bundled into one journey. 


The female psyche is inherently multi-dimensional. We are connected to all women and womanhood through the divine feminine within us all. Our transformations through womanhood are a powerful source of conscious awakening and mother nature is there to witness them all.


Wear this tri-colored baby blue, tree brown, and sage green necklace with just about anything in your wardrobe. No, not your typical statement piece-- but this one is bound to be the star of any table talk over a fine glass of wine with friends.


Inspired by MOTHER EARTH

Wood pieces, self-care and spiritual healing, interconnectedness, connecting with mother earth, back to nature, honoring the seasons, our precious surrounding environment, the waxing and waning of life, embracing all parts of the feminine energy, and unapologetically representing the goddess within.


The Mother Earth Collection is Handmade in India by Artisans: Jamal, Miskeen and Narjeen with Wood and Resin and other Natural Materials.


Triple Goddess Necklace ***BEST SELLER***

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