Here's How You Can Help


Help someone who didn't receive full sponsorship. Your donation will provide a backpack full of supplies.

GIVE $25

Sponsor a Child

Sponsor a Child and send him or her to school with everything they need. Your donation will provide a shirt, pants/skirt, socks, shoes and a backpack.

GIVE $65

Culture Boxes

Every bit counts!

Help a child have the school supplies they need to be successful everyday.

$45 EACH

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What I’ve learned

Every time I begin a new adventure, I do so with the intention to be open to new opportunities.  Love Child’s work resonated with me immediately because helping women sustain their families through the business has been at the heart of Global Girl Life since the beginning.  Meeting Rhonda, learning about her work, and having the opportunity about it just reinforced my commitment to being open for new opportunities to expand myself and my business.


How I’ve Grown

This experience, from our initial meeting through helping to design jewelry to planning my upcoming trip to Honduras has been a learning experience.  I’m amazed by how quickly this whole plan came together and am honored to be able to contribute to such a worthy and important cause.